Photo by: Sebastian Falck Stigsby.


Have your songs recorded with top-class hardware, microphones and the nerdy knowledge that's required to capture the best sound


Have your songs mixed to match the high standards of modern productions. Loud, big & wide but with the clarity and transparency required to hear every instrument in detail.


Have your songs mastered to match the loud, massive and big sounding albums, that we all love.
You will get a master for both vinyl, CD and streaming services.

I work closely together with every artist, to make the final result be exactly how they envisioned it.

As a professional and routined musician through many years, both as a singer, guitarist and composer, i'm able to go into the deepest details about song-writing, techniques, harmonies, arrangements and compositions, to make your songs stand out from the rest, with every aspect of 'em being perfected and polished, as much as the artist wants me to.


Besides recording, mixing and mastering your songs/album, Sonne Studios also offer:

- Producing [in depth song-writing and composing together with the artist]
- Reamping [you send me your DI tracks, i'll run them through my favorite amps]
- Polterabend [sing over your favorite karaoke tracks and have them mixed down digitally]
- Session guitarist [Get Nicklas Sonne to record guitars/bass on your song or album]

Each project is it's own, and as a musician through many years, I know the struggle of not knowing, if the money will last until the project is done. I've therefore decided to give each project a price from the get go, so the artists know what the final price will be, and what it will include. The project might finish earlier, or finish later than expected, but the price will stay the same and will get full dedication.

Send me an email and let's talk more!

Sonne Studios is endorsed by the following brands:
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EMG pickups
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